Craft-A-Long Challenge


The conversation started on Zoom with a sweater I want to knit and have wanted

to knit for almost 8 years - The Adventurous by Joji Locatelli (above). It looks so challenging to me that I put it in a folder entitled 5-year-projects - as in "It would take me 5 years to complete." When I started talking about this project and how it intimidated me because of its cables and duster length, others began talking about projects that intimidated them. One thing led to another... 


The Challenge kicks off Wednesday, April 26, on Zoom - virtually. It will run through Nov. 22, which will be Completed Project Zoom Show Off Day! I'm pulling prizes as we speak - and there will be LOTS to encourage people to finish their most intimidating project!

So here's what you do. Grab your Robin's Promise Yarn and the pattern that challenges YOU! The pattern that challenges me may not challenge you. Now, register yourself HERE. Each person who registers will get a complementary gift. Each person who creates a Ravelry project will receive a complementary gift. 

We've had questions about when to Cast-On your Challenge project. If you have a complicated cast on, no one expects you to do that on the Zoom call. Please consider the entire day of Wednesday, April 26, as cast on day. Tag @robinspromise in your social media, so we can see you have cast on. 

If you would like to help with shipping costs of these prizes, click HERE.

First to Cross the Finish Line (up to 5 skeins)
First to Cross the Finish Line (up to 6-10 skeins)
First to Cross the Finish Line (up to 10+ skeins)

Most Stitches
Largest (physically) Completed Project
People's Choice Award
You’re Crazy Award
What did I do?/What Was I Thinking?
Most Picked up Stitches
The Most Colors
Most Techniques in One Project
Most Complicated Technique
Most Ends to Weave In
Most Signature Design Flaws
Most Start-Overs
Perfect Zoom Attendance Award (aka Showed Up Anyway Award)
Who used the most Lifelines - people or actual lifelines
How many times your project got thrown across the room
The Project by Committee Award
I Won Yarn Chicken
Hot Mess Award (aka the Perseverance Award)
The Most Stitch Markers Used
I Popped My Eyeballs Out on this Project Award
The Lazarus Award (Brought a project back from the dead)
TAG YOUR IT! (The person that tags @robinspromise the most)



There are two things you have to do to qualify for all these lovely prizes and secure your FREE SWAG.

1. Complete the registration form. Everyone who completes the registration form and who attends at least 4 Zoom sessions will receive a commemorative tag. CLICK HERE

2. Start crafting your project in Robin's Promise Yarns.

3. Show us proof that you're underway... Tag us in a social media post, create a project on Ravelry and send us the link at robinspromiseyarn at gmail dot com, join us on Zoom and do a show & tell, join us at Billsburg and do a show and tell!



We will be on Zoom every Wednesday to talk Craft-A-Long Challenge. CLICK HERE to find out how to connect to the Wednesday Zoom sessions. They occur 5 to 7 pm EASTERN TIME!



Please use the #CraftALongChallenge hashtag when posting. Please also tag @robinspromise. 



Should you have any questions, please email me at robins promise yarn at gmail dot com. 


YAAAAAAAAAAY! What FUN this will be!



Craft Along