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Because we didn't meet the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving, we will celebrate our Craft-A-Long Challenge success on Wednesday, Nov. 29, during Open Stitching. We've got prizes to hand out! Shannon already nabbed the First to Cross the Finish Line prize. 

You can join us via Zoom on Wednesday, Nov,. 29, EST from 5 to 7 pm to help dole out prizes:

1.  If you are on a mobile device, download the Zoom app.  If you are on your desktop, go to You will have to download an executable file and install. 
2.  Click "Join a Meeting"
3.  Input our meeting ID and password.

WEDNESDAY's ID is: 922 853 417.  WEDNESDAY's Password is: 445065 


Most Stitches
Largest (physically) Completed Project
People's Choice Award
You’re Crazy Award
What did I do?/What Was I Thinking?
Most Picked up Stitches
The Most Colors
Most Techniques in One Project
Most Complicated Technique
Most Ends to Weave In
Most Signature Design Flaws
Most Start-Overs
Perfect Zoom Attendance Award (aka Showed Up Anyway Award)
Who used the most Lifelines - people or actual lifelines
How many times your project got thrown across the room
The Project by Committee Award
I Won Yarn Chicken
Hot Mess Award (aka the Perseverance Award)
The Most Stitch Markers Used
I Popped My Eyeballs Out on this Project Award
The Lazarus Award (Brought a project back from the dead)
TAG YOUR IT! (The person that tags @robinspromise the most)

See ya there!