Here's another craft for you, especially during these self-quarantining times - potholders. For many of us, it's a throwback time that's been taken uptown. These 100% cotton loops are incredible and beat the ones that didn't quite fit on the loom. The loops are in as many colors as I have yarn, too!

These are a BRAND NEW item and are sure to go fast, so don't wait for your purchase!

Happy potholdering!

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Potholder Loops - Traditional Size
  • $9.00

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10" Potholder Loom - PRO Size
  • $35.75
7" Potholder Loom DELUXE - Traditional Size
  • $34.75

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Lotta Loops - Traditional Size
  • $22.50
Potholder Loops - PRO size
  • $16.88

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Lotta Loops - PRO Size
  • $45.00
7" Potholder Loom - Traditional Size
  • $21.25