Eternity's Braids yarn suggestions

Enternity's Braids Poncho is a poncho that is best knit in a semi-solid yarn to make that cable really shine in the pattern. With almost 250 yarn listings, I thought I'd try to make it easy on you.

I knit my poncho in BUNTING, my No. 1 all-time favorite yarn color that I dye. I simply cannot get enough of that color. Nancy knitted hers in Mockingbird Feather, which is the sample that many of you have seen in my booth over the years. Angie, The Traveling Yarn Yogi, is knitting hers in Superb Starling Wing. Barbara picked her yarn out, and she's going to do her in Pheasant Ring, the No. 1 Most Popular Semi-Solid on my site. 

Below are the top 30 semi-solid yarn colors on my site in order of popularity (Bunting has been out of stock for quite some time):
1. Pheasant Ring
2. Sparrow’s Breast
3. Night Flight
4. African Firefinch Feather
5. Crim Dell in the Moonlight
6. Black Ice
7. Raven’s Wing
8. Swan Feather
9. Aplomado Falcon Feather
10. Cardinal Feather
11. Mockingbird Breast
12. White-Tailed Robin Feather
13. Green Honeycreeper Feather
14. Lilacs in Bloom
15. White-Browed Tit Warbler Feather
16. Rolling in the Heather
17. Blue-Footed Booby Feet
18. Mockingbird Feather
19. Moss-Backed Tanager Feather
20. Cedar Waxwing Crown
21. Mysterious Murk
22. Lucky Penny
23. She Must Be Late for the Ball
24. Nuthatch Crown
25. Blue Whistling Thrush Feather
26. Japanese Paradise Flycatcher Feather
27. Pheasant Quill
28. Twilight Skies
29. Blue Quartz
30. Maroon Oriole Feather

For a full list of all Robin's Promise Yarn Co.'s semi-solids, CLICK HERE