How to care for your yarn

Hello! If you have reached this page, then you have purchased one or more of Robin's Promise Yarn Co. products. Thank you for your purchase!

I hope you loved Robin's Promise Yarns for their saturated colors and because you find our colors bright and beautiful! 

So, as you know, bright and beautiful colors can bleed. Rest assured, all yarns sold from Robin's Promise are rinsed thoroughly. However, some colors mixed together or even some single colors can bleed even after they have left our hands, either because a customer's water is different, the detergent you use or even your body's chemicals on your hands.

I want to talk about blocking - when you have finished your project and are now ready to truly finish your beautiful project. 

My first recommendation for your blocking process is to STEAM BLOCK. I have several YouTube videos of me steam blocking several projects. You can click here and see those. Steaming assures that your project does not become overly wet and therefore does not bleed into any other colors. It keeps those colors where they need to be. 

Secrets of Blocking

Teroldego Steaming

If you are adamant about wet-blocking, then this section is for you. Please use SHOUT Color Catchers in your bin - and by use, I mean use 5 to 10 depending on the size of your project. Color Catchers are magic! They absorb all the extra dye in your washing bin. That being said, Color Catchers were designed for the washing machine, which uses agitation. Wet-blocking avoids agitation, so you have to have enoughh Color Catchers in whatever bin you use to catch that dye. If I had wet blocked my duster sweater, I would have used 20 Color Catchers. 

I would not hesitate to use more than less!

Some items that you should use special caution with is the Red, Gray & Black set. This 10-mini-skein set is a Fan Favorite and is beloved because of its high contrast. High contrast colors will naturally bleed - even on store bought items. 

I would 100% recommend steam blocking any garment using the Red, Gray & Black set. 

I hope you have found this page helpful. Should you need to email me with any questions, you can email me at robins promise yarn at gmail dot com. 

Happy Crafting!