TEST KNIT CALL - Eternity's Braids

This poncho features the Celtic braid and is one of my favorite cable patterns, which signifies eternity and everlasting goodness. The deadline for this test is June 28. For sizes F-I, the deadline for this test is July 28. Sizes F-I will need to post all photos of their project progress by June 28.

The Celtic braid is the featured design element on this asymmetrical poncho, which is one of the most flattering knitted garments for any body type. I have yet to see a body that doesn’t look good in this style. 

This garment begins with a cable cast on, has 5 rows of moss-stitch edging and then the body of the garment begins. You will have miles of relaxing knitting and purling with 32 stitches of cabling to keep things interesting. 


This poncho comes in an inclusive 9 sizes – from bust size 32” up to 80”. Sample was knit in Size F (61.75” x 24”, before folding and blocking).

When working with hand-dyed yarn, always have two skeins wound and working at the same time. Use your first skein through the 2nd row of cabling, ending on a WS row. Change to the second skein on Row 3 of the cable, using Skein 2 for Row 3 & 4. Do not break yarn. Carry the yarn up the cast-on side. Continue alternating skeins every 2 rows. Alternating skeins will prevent color swathing in your garment. If you choose not to alternate skeins, you will get large chunks of color.

The cast on for this garment is the Cable Cast On method. Try it! I think you will like the edging it creates with the cable. If you don’t like it, choose your favorite cast on. This pattern also uses the Cable Bind Off method, which matches the cast on. 

Moss stitch is featured on the edges of the garment to prevent curling at the sides and bottom of the poncho. If you don’t like rolling stockinette stitching (all knitting), the moss stitch is worth the effort. If you can’t stand the thought of K1P1, you can easily substitute the garter stitch (knit all edging rows) to hold it flat, but the moss stitch paired with the Celtic braid cable is a nice touch to this garment. The cable, which appears at the garment’s edge, appears in the pattern below as both written instructions and a chart.